the issue of lesbianism and same sex is as old as the world itself. from biblical references and and injunctions from the holy quran humas to go into the world and we can infer that even GOD  knew what human are capable of before he gave us laws to guide us, he commanded humans to go itno the world and procreate, among several commandments. but today am not here to bore you with what are in these holy books, but rather to comment behind the hypocrisy that now exist in the world we now live in. there has being so much killing in nigeria, the boko haram scourge that is moving closely to genocide is there, the incessant killings in pleateu staten kaduna and othe unnammed parts of the country has not gathered prominence like that of the issues of LGBTS.

THERE is pain every where, some dont have food to eat, some dont have where to lay their heads and our leaders celebrate mediocrity. they go to the press 


it’s been so glongsince I came here, I k ow most people would have missed me,. now am back and better. the poetic spirit in me have suddenly awaken so am here to give you all my poetic piece and share more of sport stories and articles I hope you all enjoy it

2014 World Cup Preview: Netherlands


Next up is the Netherlands, another powerhouse team.

Result in 2010: 2nd place. Lost to Spain 0 – 1 in the finals.

A brief history: Netherlands has been known as a team that has gone for in the tournament but has been unable to finish. They have lost 3 times in the finals

Notable Former Players: Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp

Other Notable Players: Wesley Sneijder, Dirk Kuyt

Current Star(s): Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, Rafael van der Vaart

Coach: Louis van Gaal

Group Stage Matches:

June 13 at 2:00 pm EST

Netherlands vs. Spain

June 18 at 11:00 am EST

Netherlands vs. Australia

June 23 at 11:00 am EST

Netherlands vs. Chile

An Uninformed Prediction: Netherlands crashed out of the European Championships in 2012, losing every game in the group stage. Since then the team has been attempting to find their identity again. I still think that…

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A Feminist Mix for International Women’s Day News

This past Saturday was International Women’s Day, a day to inspire girls and celebrate women’s achievements and, in many countries, an official holiday.

There are many fascinating feminists using to share thoughts on sex, gender, and equality — here are a few of our quirky favorites.

Nursing Clio

On the collaborative blog Nursing Clio — named for Clio, the muse of history — a cast of writers explores issues of gender and medicine, focusing on the ways medicine has historically been used to reinforce sex and gender inequality.

nursing clio

Depending on the day, you might read a dissection of a 1968 Disney-produced film on birth control, an analysis of why women’s ski jumping wasn’t allowed in the Olympics until the Sochi games this year, or an exploration of environmental factors linked to intersex babies.

We also enjoy their tagline, “Because the personal is historical” — a…

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Celebrating Irish Blogs and Bloggers on Saint Patrick’s Day News

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit! And, if you don’t speak Irish, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! March 17th is a public holiday in Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Montserrat that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Today, we’re showcasing Irish blogs and bloggers as a way to join in the fun.

No celebration is complete without food

If we’re celebrating, we’ve got to have good food. Foodies will enjoy One Man’s Meat, where Irish blogger Conor Bofin shares his carefully photographed recipes, well-seasoned with humor. We especially enjoyed his recipe for an English classic, toad in the hole, and this amazing hot smoked duck with orange marmalade.

Hot Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade, by Conor Bofin. Hot Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade, by Conor Bofin.

Ireland in photos

Kildare-based photographer Edward Mooney showcases his work over at EdMooneyPhotography. His photo essay on Donadea Castle captures the beautiful ruins in black and white.

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Field Notes from Sweden: WebCoast 2014

amazing News

Every week, Automatticians — the people behind — participate in conferences, WordCamps, and other community events around the world. Today, let’s hear from Happiness Engineer Karim Osman, who just returned from WebCoast, in Gothenburg, Sweden. WebCoast is a conference that focuses on online communication and web development.

After a three-hour train ride, I finally arrived in Sweden’s second-largest city: Gothenburg. This was my first time there, and my fellow Happiness Engineer Fabiana Simões showed me around town. It’s a lovely city with great sights, amazing architecture, and cozy cafes — the perfect place for a conference.

The nicest thing about WebCoast is that it’s a three-day, unconference-style event. “Unconference” means that the content is organized and created by the conference attendees: there was a gridded board where speakers booked a slot for their talk, workshop, or discussion session. Then others decided which sessions they’d like to attend.

Visitors adding their workshops and talks to the grid. Visitors adding…

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